Saudi TV Channel rebrand for Turquoise
Rushes created 3 x 45 second idents to launch a new look Channel One for Saudi TV. The idents comprise a blend of a vision for the country’s future whilst integrating their national culture and heritage.
The design embraces religious sensitivities and shows the national television network’s commitment to change Andy Hargreaves, 3D Supervisor on the project attended the shoot in Dubai.
Substantial pre-vis and development work assisted the creative team to realise their vision of a new Saudi Arabia. Matt Lawrence, MGFX Artist at Rushes, created animated floor textures, backgrounds and interface animations for all three idents which were integrated into the 3D renders.
Matt helped with final composites due to the tight turnaround in After Effects comping several shots on the technology sequence.
Title:  “Technology”, “Heritage”, Festival”
Product: Saudi TV Channel One Rebrand
Agency: Turquoise Branding
Directors: Ian Humphrey, Nick Meikle
Producers: Jennifer Lane, Linda Garcia
Post Facility: Rushes
VFX: Richie White, Adam Watson, Matt Lawrence, Leo Weston
3D Animation: Andy Hargreaves, Lee Tibbetts, Han Ter Park, Phinnaeus O’Conner, Phil Brough,
Seb Barker, Craig Travis

Shake: Jonathan Privett
Photoshop: Matt Lawrence, Brad Le Riche
Combustion: Joe Dymond, Anthony Laranjo
Rushes Producer: Sarah Cloutier
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