6 x title sequences (bespoke per episode)
6 x Break Bumpers
Rushes have just completed the opening titles for "Identity" a major new drama on ITV. Starring Aiden Gillen from The Wire and Keeley Hawes from Ashes to Ashes as well as a host of other well known cast members, this new venture for ITV looks set to be a big hit. Producer Warwick Hewitt says ‘Matt (Curtis of AP Design) approached us to provided the titles for this production. We jumped at the chance; Matt always brings us good work and is an excellent client to work with so we sat down and worked a few things out before developing the idea with our MGFX department.”
The boards were very clean and graphical; a stylised city scape transitioning into a more grungy segment containing the title cards which brought in elements like DNA and ID cards to tie in with the focus of the programme. As the idea developed though the entire sequence became more and more grungy, with more and more layers being added to give a much edgier feel. Lead Animator Matt Lawrence says “As we developed the titles they grew in scale and depth. The initial renders looked too clinical so we added more layers and shash to take it to a seedier level, more in keeping with the concept of the programme of stolen identities and broken lives.”
Initially the whole of the opening city sequence was a 3D build but the first two shots were later substituted for live action plates to give a more textured real feel to the titles. The remaining City shot that transitions from Cinema 4D to After Effects was textured with over 80 different windows of footage to represent the “Big Brother” society we live in today. The transition from 3D into the rest of the sequence was achieved by morphing the ‘Hero’ buildings windows into the squares of a gene map image. Using scans of forged passports, personal letters and various sourced footage the rest of the sequence was constructed. Lots of layers, fast cuts and a few bespoke animations provided the backdrop for the title cards which wiped off as if being erased from existence. “It was a lot of work, but as ever we pulled through and ended up with a great looking sequence for the programme that really ties into its theme. It made a nice change for me as well as I usually side on the cleaner more stripped back graphics and this was a lot more deconstructed and complex, a bit like my After Effects build ended up!
Title: "Identity"
Product: Opening Titles & Break Bumpers
Agency: Abraham Pants
Director: Lachlan McKinnon
Producer: Lachlan McKinnon
Production Company: ITV
Designer: Matt Curtis
Post Facility: Rushes
Rushes Producer: Louise Hussey
Rushes Assistant Producer: Warwick Hewitt
After Effects: Matt Lawrence, Brad Le Riche
Cinema 4D: Matt Lawrence
Photoshop: Matt Lawrence, Brad Le Riche
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