Rushes MGFX Studio worked with Frontroom to realise the latest trailer for Lost Planet 3, bringing the hostile game environment into sharp, evocative focus by highlighting what it feels like to freeze to death. In harrowing, step-by-step detail, the film portrays the shocking damage inflicted on the human body as vital organs shut down, one by one.
Senior designers and artists Matt Lawrence and Barry Corcoron from MGFX Studio created an alien landscape that corresponded with that of the highly popular computer game. Using stock footage carefully selected and supplied by client, the team set about re-creating this world through compositing snow elements and adding the palette of the alien environment.
The project required the delivery of both VFX heavy shots and more design related setups. Once all stock footage was 3D tracked the first step was to seamlessly integrate these digitally created set extensions. Shots were comped in After Effects and it involved the use of matte paintings.
To achieve the harsh and inhospitable landscapes we had Technical Director Andy Hargreaves from create particle systems of turbulent snow. What was of paramount concern to the client was the level of interactivity that was needed to sell these shots. After some research and development the team developed a particle system that was feasibly light and fully interactive with modelled geometry.
Andy adds, “Once these CG elements were layered in, the shots came to life. In the end all the elements came together to create the alien world of EDN III and the client was extremely happy with the end result!”
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