"Mobsters" Crime & Investigation HD

1 x 30 second Promo

This promo for "Mobsters" a documentary on the Mafia by Sky's Crime & Investigation HD Channel had to be completed over the Easter break, giving MGFX Studio a total of four days to both design and implement the spot given the extra bank holiday for the Royal Wedding.

Thanks to some very good R&D by studio designer Brad Le Riche we were able to find a way of shattering 3D objects using Mograph Dynamics inside Cinema 4D. This meant that we were able to keep the project within the studio rather than outsourcing to Rushes CG department which sped up the process dramatically.

Using clever re-times and reverse baked dynamic animations mixed with non shattered versions of the text in After Effects Matt Lawrence was able to create the animation within three days, giving us one last day to finesse the comp adding in depth of field and pull focus through multi pass renders. Finally Matt layered in some finer dust elements, finishing off with some film grain to add a bit of analogue realism to the render.

Title: "Mobsters - Crime & Investigation HD"
Product: 1 x 30sec Promo
Agency: Sky Creative
Director: Shane O'Neill
Post Facility: MGFX Studio
Rushes Producer: Warwick Hewett
After Effects: Matt Lawrence
Cinema 4D: Matt Lawrence
R&D: Brad Le Riche
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