4creative use director Clare Price and illustrator Lizzie Finn for Nokia sponsorship credits.

4creative have written and produced a set of Nokia sponsorship credits for Fashion House, a new reality show running on Channel 4, MTV in Italy and TV3 in Scandinavia. In the show aspiring fashion students compete for the prize of a contract with a major fashion house. 4creative used the writer and director Clare Price who is known for her live action and graphic idents for brands such as E4, Film Four, Channel 4, MTV and Nickelodeon, as well as shorts and installations for people such as onedotzero and Carhartt. Clare Price who is now moving into commercials as a director uses both graphic and live action methods to achieve her work and this led her to use the illustration style of Lizzie Finn to create a graphic and unique style of animation. Finn is best known for the art direction of Moloko's album cover for Things to Make and Do and more recently for the illustration on recent Oasis single Songbird. Her work is regularly seen in Vogue and Dazed and Confused and she also creates fabric prints for the skate clothing label Silas. It was her illustration work using real stitching and appliquéd fabrics that most appealed to Clare Price.

“I have been looking for the opportunity to work with Lizzie for some time. When this brief came up it seemed like the perfect match as the very nature of Lizzie's work, and her preoccupations within it are related to fashion in a very fundamental way. It was a chance to marry live action and a more illustrational style in a unique fashion. I feel that the collaboration has achieved something that is fresh and unexpected.”Lizzie Finn added “It's been a great experience collaborating with Clare. She has added a fresh dimension to my illustration by introducing it to the medium of animation and has brought it to life in a completely new way.”

In the idents we see models backstage at a fashion show hanging out, trying on clothes and having make-up done. They are texting and taking pictures of each other with the Nokia 7250i phone. All of this has been created in the embroidered style of Lizzie Finn. Finn’s work has never been animated before and to bring it to life the models were first shot on DV. Producer Debbie Impett “We chose to shoot live action models and rotoscope rather than animate traditionally as we felt it important to achieve the correct movement and look of models"

The post production was handled through Rushes. The DV footage was rotoscoped in Flash by Matt Lawrence and Costas Charitou to create the stitched line before being taken in to 3D by Hayden Jones to create the quilted effect of Lizzie's illustrations. All elements including fabrics were then composited in Inferno by Omar Akkari. Sound design by Ian Chatham at Blue.

Title: "Channel 4 Fashion House"
Product: Nokia sponsorship
Director: Clare Price
Producer: Debbie Impett
Production Company: 4creative
Designer: Lizzie Finn
Post Facility: Rushes
Rushes Producer: Louise Hussey / Carl Grinter
Flash: Matt Lawrence, Costas Charitou
3D: Hayden Jones
Flame: Omar Akkari
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