MGFX Studio have collaborated with Pfizer to produce a 30 second commercial for their Stop Smoking Campaign entitled ‘Serious Quitters.’

The commercial contains extensive use of motion graphics throughout building a 3D World but enabling a distinctive 2D look.

We see a park on a lovely Summer’s day and the usual goings on within it – a couple jogging, a man sitting on a bench and a lady laying down a picnic blanket are highlighted and zoomed in on. The voice over questions why each of the people in these close-up scenes have given up smoking. The commercial closes to reveal the man in a doctor’s surgery about to receive medical advice.

Matt Lawrence, Motion GFX at Rushes, commented, "Plunge creatives and Motion GFX developed the concept of creating an environment for the commercial completely out of digital SLR stills with live action footage "hero characters" within this world. They wanted to have the freedom to fly a camera through this environment and zoom into any live action footage they chose to. Because of this, the decision was taken early on to work at native resolution and get all the live action transferred in Telecine at 2K to allow us to do this. This put huge demands on the computers as the final build for the environment had close to 500 layers all of which were 2k or above with the grass elements reaching a massive 8K resolution! This would have taken days to render before our investment, but with the new Intel machines we were able to get approval renders out within minutes. This allowed us the freedom to be more creative and try out many more options than ever before within the time scales of the job which the client obviously loved!"
Title: "Serious Quitters"
Product: Pfizer
Agency: Ogilvy Healthcare
Director: Elliot Naftalin
Producer: Theresa Larche
Film Editor: Adam Rudd @ Final Cut
Post Facility: Rushes
Telecine: Marcus Timpson
Rushes Producer: Anthony McCaffery
VFX: Matt Lawrence, Adam Watson, Martin Goodwin
Photoshop: Matt Lawrence, Costas Charitou, Brad Le Riche, Noel Harmes
Combustion: Joe Dymond, Anthony Laranjo
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