MGFX Studio worked in conjunction with titles Designer Matt Curtis to bring the titles to "The Eagle" to life.
Using a combination of cyber scanning, 3D, practical effects and digital compositing the opening sequence was born.
MGFX Studio lead designer, Matt Lawrence conceived a method for revealing the main title that simulated melting. Using an inkjet printer to print single letters onto acetate, boiling water was then poured over the surface giving a wonderful melting effect that would be impossible to re-create in the time available any other way. These letter elements were then composited using after effects by Brad Le-Riche creating the main title reveal of the film.
We were given access to the eagle film prop which we had cyber scanned then rebuilt and textured in Maya by lead 3D animator Seb Barker. This 3D element was then composited in After Effects by Barry Corcoran, layering in smoke plates over his matte painting of the hills.
The paragraphs of text were painstakingly animated using a custom alphabet of letters that formed out of particles, this gave us total control over how those letters revealed on and wrote off. The final title sequence then leads seamlessly into the opening river sequence of the film setting the scene perfectly.
Film: The Eagle
Production: Opening Titles
Production Company: Abrahams Pants
Post Facility: MGFX Studio @ Rushes
Rushes Producer: Warwick Hewett
Title Designer: Matt Curtis
3D: Seb Barker
After Effects: Matt Lawrence (lead),
Barry Corcoran, Brad Le Riche
Practical shoot / Process & Direction: Matt Lawrence
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