New York based Production Company Flicker Flacker Films approached mgfxstudio to design and create ‘in scene’ HUD elements for a high-end corporate video they were producing. Having seen our Iron Man/HUD test online, our style hit their brief and we began working together, creating worked up scenes for them to slot into their edit.
The overall idea was to create interactive head up display elements that would reflect and represent the software that the film was showcasing. Working closely with the guys at Flicker Flacker allowed the project to evolve as it went along, refining sections and adapting elements as the project progressed. Using the time difference to our advantage meant we could generate elements during the day UK time, for upload and review overnight, keeping the workflow smooth and efficient.
“Design wise, the project was a nice mix of content creation and client element implementation, so we had a sound cohesive base with the software elements they provided, but could embellish them with our own designs” Brad Le Riche says, “The most challenging part of the job was trying to make the graphics seem cohesive with the scene, making them work with the main protagonists’ movements.”
The end result was a very clean looking, sophisticated corporate video, that nicely married the clients software elements with a clean holographic interface creating the futuristic look that Flicker Flacker were keen to achieve.
“This is our third data graphic driven sequence, we seem to be carving a nice reputation for this kind of work, and one we are all keen to kindle. Every designer loves creating smart slick data graphics, and we have had the chance to some beautiful work on this project with a very supportive client.
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Product: mFi // Ubiquiti Networks, Inc
Production Company: Flicker Flacker Films
Director: Aaron Lubarsky
Producer: Claire Ratinon
Post Production: mgfxstudio
Artists: Matt Lawrence, Barry Corcoran, Brad Le Riche
Producer: Louise Hussey
Production: Paul Jones, Caroline Laing, Christine Lemon
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