Were asked to pitch on the opening title sequence for X-Men: First Class. The studio artists came up with many concepts of which we show a few here. Many of these took on board the 60's feel they wanted to achieve whilst maintaining a scientific narrative. Inspiration included the first recorded image of DNA which just happens to look like an X.
Pitching on high profile title sequences like this is exciting, with many Rushes artists wanting to have some input into the process, getting time to do high quality pitches can be tough though due to the paying work taking priority so effort above and beyond the call of duty was required by all involved.
Sadly the brief changed later in the process with the film studio deciding to go for a main on end sequence only, dropping the opening sequence in favour of a simple VFX title revealed on a coin flip.
We were very happy with our efforts though so felt we'd share some of the more interesting work here so you can see how much work can go into a pitch.
Film: X-Men: First Class
Story boarding: Matt Lawrence, Brad Le Riche, Barry Corcoran
Animation Tests: Matt Lawrence, Brad Le Riche, Barry Corcoran, Hayden Jones, Chris Hutchison
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